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This is this longest prayer room chunk I've ever posted online, but people have been asking for long-play devotionals for their soaking prayer times. This is an hour and 14 minutes of an IHOP–KC Devo mostly spontaneous singing around the Divinity of Jesus.
I have been worship leading for Stephen Venable's Christology I and Biblical doctrine classes at the International House of Prayer University for a couple semesters now, and the more I study about Jesus - His Divinity and His humanity as revealed in the Scriptures, the more in love I become with Him. I've been thinking about how everything changes if Jesus is Yahweh, the LORD, as He said, "Before Abraham was, I AM."
The implications for what we believe, and the way we live are huge! At the end of the day, the question is not about an expression of faith, a denomination or opinion, it all comes back to Jesus and "Who do you say that I am?" All the end of the age controversy is over the person of Jesus. Every cult centers upon a distortion of Jesus' Divinity. In the face of persecution, we will either profess Him as just a teacher, a prophet and a wise man, or we will hold fast to who He truly is, the LORD, the King of glory. Just thinking about it again gives me goosebumps. In this set, I went on a little singing journey of those implications of the Divinity of Jesus from His supremacy in all things to being persecuted for His Name's sake - the Name of Yahweh.
"You're more than a teacher, more than a prophet, more than a man, the I AM that I AM..."
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