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Joanna Reyburn - What Do You Feel About Me?

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My sheep will hear my voice. You will know me.
Be of good cheer, my eyes are on you. Be of good cheer, my heart is for you.
I've seen your weakness and I know your pain
I've seen your journey, every step of the way
Just know that I am with you You I will not forsake
You make me glad, right where you're at I'm rejoicing over you.
When all you can see if your weakness
When all you can feel if your pain
When all you know is your struggles
but you say yes to me anyway,
You make me glad.
He is simply so gracious to meet us where we are, and let us know that we don't have to stay there. He will open to us a door of hope in the wilderness. The whole secret of David, his Isaiah 22:22 key was an unwavering confidence in God's heart for him. Despite seasons of victory and failure, David knew that who He was before the Lord was not contingent upon those circumstances. He saw through the veil to a day when we would be hidden in Christ.
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Joanna Reyburn - Meaning in this Life

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A clip from a really old set - probably 2004 in the Nightwatch

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