Joanna May - January 2011 Devo

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1-hour Devotional Session at the International House of Prayer, 2:00PM January 8, 2011. Songs include The Lord's Prayer (Jason Upton), Onething I Desire (Chris Dupre), Spontaneous portions from the story of Mary of Bethany and the parables, Better is One Day (Matt Redman), A Fragrant Offering (Rita Springer).

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Joanna Reyburn Album Teaser

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Here's a little preview of the project I'm currently in the studio working on. This is definitely still a work in progress, but I couldn't hold out anymore, I had to share a little tiny bit. I'd love to hear your thoughts! Luke Hendrickson, Susanna Erwin, Dustin Bocks, Isaac Meyer, John Hendrickson, and other amazing musicians are joining me on this project. I'm so excited!! Scheduled release, Valentine's Day 2011.


Joanna May

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