Mike Bickle's Song of Solomon Notes

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Mike Bickle's Song of Solomon Notes

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Teri Chadwick's picture

Indepth notes on Song of Songs chapter 5

Hi Joanna, Do you know where I can find the indepth notes on SOS chapter 5 that Mike refers to in his intitial teaching on that chapter? He said that he had written out pages and pages of notes on the Bridegroom from that descriptive passage and that he had posted them on the internet. Thanks for any leads/help you can give me. : ) ~Teri
Kisha Goldvarg's picture

Mike Bickle/IHOP/Song of Solomon/Life of David

Hi Joanna! THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting these notes from SOS. I have a friend who spent about 3 years at IHOP gleaning from this ministry and has since come back and shared all of what he learned with us. We now have a HOP in Texas. I have the recorded teachings from SOS and Life of David and your notes are almost verbatum what MB says. I love that!! Would you happen to have any of the notes from the Life of David teachings? There are MP3's but no notes for them. The few Life of David teachings that do have notes with the MP3 teachings I have already downloaded. So...thank you for taking the time to share these items/truths with the general public. Looking forward to checking out your music and the others that you have showing here. We are a homeschool family and we listen to IHOP/Prayer Room pretty regularly! Makes for a very peaceful atmosphere and it certainly cultivates HIS presence in our home and provokes us to be in a spirit of prayer and intercession throughout the days! Warm hugs and may Daddy richly bless you with greater revelation of HIS deep, unwavering love for you!! BTW: My website is not completed yet, but will be by the beginning of 2012...www.pureandwholesomeliving.com
Wharburton's's picture

Thanks for the links. It's

Thanks for the links. It's nice to have them in pdf format.
A Busch's picture

Bickle Song of Solomon Notes

This site has all the archived pdf files and mp3 files to complete the 20 course teaching you have partially posted. http://www.archive.org/details/SongOfSongs_CompleteSet Grace and Peace.
Anonymous's picture

Song of Songs

Thank you for posting these notes! I have been so touch by the Holy Spirit through the music at IHOP. Recently, this past Christmas season '09, God has done a miraculous healing in me. Through that healing came a verse from Song of Songs 2:10-13. God has put it on my heart to study deeper into his word on this and I knew I would find it through this study! God is so loving and Good!
Anonymous's picture

The rest of the Song of Solomon Notes

Just in case anyone wanted the rest of the notes and mp3 files from the 20 part series taught by Mike Bickle here is the link. http://www.archive.org/details/SongOfSongs_CompleteSet
Sarah-Hope's picture

Song of Songs

Hiya from NZ I have just discovered the song of songs series also!! wow it is amazing - you can download the notes from the ihop website if you go to resources and back to 2007 :) Have fun discovering Gods heart - its soooo exciting!!
Mike Donahue's picture

song of solomon

Found your site by simply looking for Mike's song of S. notes--not quite knowing what I was to discover in the music & messages etc. I love the music soooo blessed--- and love the sermons--though I'm just beginning with Neville ( what a treasure)...and so I'm trying to say thank you-- this site will be recommended to every hungry friend I have. I'll try ( super lo-tech) to enclose or attach a poem from the Song. of S. meditation-- as a way of giving back a tiny bit --- our church web site is under construction BUT a series of Messages on the Song of Songs will be the 1st thing there.

Thanks again,

Mike D

On The Mountains

The snow capped peaks confound her strength
While Beauty dances on the heights
And cedars speak in ancient tongues
That waft a fragrant Holy scent
Upon the winds to mountain crags…

And there they find His Love--- asleep;
Exhausted by the timbered climb
Laid down to rest in beds of myrrh
With Frankincense to dress her wounds;
Fierce lessons learned in harsh ascent!

To yield, & kiss the rod that hurts;
And find His love when He departs…
To know His Presence ---absent still,
And learn to love not love itself;
But rest in union now secured!

And as she wakes to lions lairs…
And leopards haunts , and devils schemes;
Her vision --- panoramic spies
Through sight now purged and wed to faith
The Canopy where loves made One.


Sarah Davidson's picture

Mike Bickle, Song of Songs

Good Afternoon and Hello from Oz,

I happen to come across Mike Bickles sermons on Itunes. Song of Songs. They are just literally blowing my mind they are so awesome and well so enjoyable that I went hunting for the notes to accompany them. I found your site (Thank you) I am still on Study 11 but notice you only go until session 14. Do you have the notes for after that.

Thank you for your website, its wonderful and you are touching people all the time and producing wonderful fruit you don't even know about. God Bless Sarah

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