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The Spiritual World by Peter Tan

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An interesting read about the realm of the spirit.
Between mid-February 2006 to the end of March 2006, Pastor Peter Tan was taken into the Spiritual Word through nightly visions and visitations by the Lord Jesus Christ. This book is a summarized compilation of the understandings that he has received during the supernatural visitations. He was given to understand that this book would provide some guidance about the Spiritual World, of heaven and hell, to those still alive on the earth so that they would better prepare themselves for the Spiritual World.

Since 1979, he had prayed consistently for an opportunity to visit heaven so that he might be able to teach and equip the people of God for life in heaven. Although he was given glimpses of heaven in his many spiritual experiences, the visitations that he received in 2006 were the result of 27 years of consistent prayer for the opportunity to visit heaven and be able to tell others what it is like. This book is but a small part of all that the Lord has shown him during the visitations.

There have been many people who have had glimpses and visions of heaven, hell and the Spiritual World. According to Pastor Peter Tan, what people understand from their spiritual experiences can be affected by their lack of knowledge in the written Word of God and also by their assumption that the section of the Spiritual World visited was indicative of all of the Spiritual World. Their visitations could be real but their understanding and interpretations of what they saw could be inaccurate. This book seeks to outline the general outlook of the realities of the Spiritual World and provide those who have spiritual experiences, and also those who do not have them, with a Scriptural basis by which to interpret and understand their own experiences.

Book of Enoch

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Fun facts of the book of Enoch:

1. It is quoted in Jude and there is controversy to other New Testament "Enoch" references and inspired thought.

2. 20 distinct fragments of ENOCH found amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran Israel, dating to before the time of Jesus. (there were only 9 DANIEL's)

3. A number of the Church Fathers thought it to be an inspired work, particularly Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Origen, Clement of Alexandria and Tertullian, based on its quotation in Jude.

4. Book of the Watchers (beginning of the compilation now called the Book of Enoch) is dated to the 2nd Century BC.

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