Misty Edwards - Prophetic Song

in IHOP–KC, Misty Edwards, Prophetic Song

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a random visit.

Joanna, what a great looking site you have! wow. You are so creative! I randomly went on your site and it is blessing me as i read and listen to beautiful prophetic music you have put up. Thank you so much for putting in your time to this and sharing what the Lord is speaking to you.:) much love.
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If I could only tell you how

If I could only tell you how many times this track has ministered to my heart in the weeks since I downloaded it from your site. Bless you, my friend.
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That was beautiful
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There is a strong anointing on this recording. I have always known that I have been called, but I have struggled. Satan tries to tear me down, but the Lord beckons still. Praise him.
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Thank you for sharing this - it was timing that I hear this. I have been unemployed now for over a year. No doors have opened. So, I am going back to school - been out of school since before the birth of my daughter Hunter. She is now 15 and blossoming into a beautiful women. So, it was all in God's timing that I hear and know His will.
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well, im high with the most

well, im high with the most high with jesus's love for me after this
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I'm fairly sure I was in the prayer room for this...Thank you so much for posting it!
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Thank you

This blessed me. I'm going to drink it in again.
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Thank you!

Hey Joanna, I missed your blogs. Can't wait to read the new ones and thanks for posting this. It's so awesome that you share this stuff with others.
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Glad to see some activity at

Glad to see some activity at jburn.com :)
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