Misty Edwards - Devotional Set 2002

in prayer room

I'm getting all nostalgic today - this is a devotional session from 2002, back in the small trailer, before Misty had a full band and click tracks came into the prayer room. The sound quality is rather poor, but when I listen to it and remember those 10 pm sets in the trailer on Friday nights, when everyone who sat in the prayer room leaned forward intently, eyes closed, in dialogue with the Lord. Where there wasn't room to bring your laptop or a backpack full of commentaries, and the air freshener sounded like the "psst" of an angel.  Where there was complimentary coffee brewing in the lounge outside the prayer room, and everyone at 6 am had their little styrafoam cup full.  Where you sat on the front row, and looked the worship leader square in the eyes, and random homeless people or traveling vagabonds slept along the walls at all hours.  Where everyone prayed, and sang, and stood and swayed and paced.  There were no cameras, sometimes there wasn't even a sound man, and it was hot, and it smelled, and it was so authentic.  It's hard knowing that prayer room will never exist in that form again.  But when I listen to sets like this, I remember the simplicity of my own devotion (along with some immaturity, and being a bit out of tune).  But it makes me happy, and it makes me miss those days, and look for ways to make my own current expression less "hip" and more real. To simplify all this "diversity" down to the "one necessary thing" once again.  

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There's always room for cello

Wow, I just randomly typed in Misty Edwards 2002 & was surprised to find a set from those days. Just yesterday, I was talking with my pastor in Austin about partnership with AHOP & starting a training for harp & bowl worship at our own church. I certainly miss those days also. Psalm 27:4 defines that place for me. I often hear cello parts when I'm listening to Misty online & wish I were back in that place. Eternally...
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Old devo set

Oh this brings back memories. I was at IHOP from Aug 01 to Aug 03. I sang with Misty for a while and this just makes me all nostalgic :) I remember you and your angelic voice but you probably don't remember me- I was Mandy Wood then. Lots of people pass through IHOP. Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks for this! I'm a worship leader at a small house of prayer in Sarasota, Florida and we only have a few live sets going regularly each week (working little by little toward 24/7!) and hearing this encouraged me so much cause even KC had its days of small beginnings :) just reminded me how precious the small days are to the Lord :)
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I love this. I have a few recordings i made of her sets in 2002 as well. "Full on team" with aaron perry on djembe and his dad on mandolin.. I forgot who else was there.. maybe grace singin?? And possibly you?? I recorded them with a microphone into my minidisc player so it seriously feels like i am there again when i close my eyes... the whole room singing.. and the live feel!!! AHH! But these recordings are definitely the anchor for me in a constantly changing atmosphere.. And i am awaiting YOUR CD!!!!!!!!!!! TC
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Sounds a little like the early days of IHOP-Atlanta...drummers driving the host church crazy because of all the broken drumstick pieces left behind and only one bathroom...I can actually say I don't miss those days, though. These are so much better.
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Thanks for sharing...took me

Thanks for sharing...took me back. I LOVE that trailer! I help lead a young HOP, and secretly in the back of my head, the trailer is always the goal. I love when I get a chance to visit the PR now, but those early days were awesome. Makes me think of watching Mike in that corner, wondering what he was writing about this time. I think I was pretty sure that heaven consisted of an eternal loop of Scott Brenner's Draw Near To Me album. (sung antiphonally of course) Thanks for posting it.
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Now I must hear it, where can

Now I must hear it, where can I get that CD? Thanks so much for this post Joanna, and for your humble, authentic words. Your site has been such a blessing to me!
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I loved that cd - I listened to it on repeat all through the night for years.
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You made me see it clearly in

You made me see it clearly in my mind's eye. Wish I'd been there.
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The simple things...

It is as simple as it is, but it is real hard to do. I wonder if that's why Jesus said that this is a narrow path. May all of us follow Him on that path.
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