Lou Engle - Fasting and Prayer

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Such an annointed sermon ..

Such an annointed sermon ..
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After listening to this, God has led me to fast once again. It was two years ago and I made it 28 days. When fasting I feel a sense of my own distractive hunger for food, media, busyness, congestive thinking, etc.. To be brought back to the place of practicing His presence is worth forgoing the fleeting pleasures of my poor eating habits. Thanks Joanna, my wife and I enjoy your website! Rev. Jeremy L. Evans
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THANK YOU!!!!!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS!!!!!!! I listened to this last week and God lit a FIRE in my heart to do a 40 day fast... which I've never done before... I first heard Lou Engle speak in person at the Fascinate conference last summer and since then God has been opening up visions and dreams and a BURNING HEART inside me and my friends!!! Thank you so much for posting these resources, they are an encouragement to us all to keep going hard after MY BRIDEGROOM!!!!!!!!

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