Jonathan Rizzo - Drink of the Marriage Wine

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A newer version of this song is available on the new JOY album (Available in iTunes Now), which is a compilation of songs from the IHOPU Student Awakening, but THIS is the original version of this song. It's a 14-minute clip of worship and a powerful prophetic song with Jonathan Rizzo while Julie Meyer was leading worship on Tuesday, December 8, 2009 - a night Bill Johnson and John Arnott were visiting the House of Prayer. Susanna Erwin is playing amazing violin.

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Hello Joanna, Thanks for posting this wonderful exhortation/celebration of Who we are feasting with, here and now in time and space; not just in Eternity. My wife and I came down for the Leadership summit in Janurary, and this was a worship song that really ministered the Joy of His heart to us. Question for you: Were you one of the Chorus singers during when the Spirit fell, and when Jonathan fell (that was funny and concerning at the same time)? I am amazed that you all were able to stand up, and play/sing; from what the youtube looks like. My wife and I have had little glimpses of that in small informal worship gatherings in Madison, WI that have touched that passion of the Spirit. I am also curious what the distinction is between an Oracle, and a Spontaneous/Prophetic song. May His shalom be yours, Pressing into His heart with you, Jim and Becky Smith saints in Madison, WI
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No I wasn't a singer that

No I wasn't a singer that night, but I was there.


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This was truly a glorious

This was truly a glorious moment in time with the Lord. Time seemed to stand still while everyone joined with Heaven singing this song. I love it! love it! love it! He's coming back for a bride who loves Him with her whole heart. We long for your return Lord Jesus. We will drink of the marriage wine.
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I was ROCKED my this song

I was ROCKED my this song that night! I was in the "mosh pit" and began to manifest for the first time in my life! That song has POWER! Great post:)
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Amazing Clip

Joanna, I was ecstatic to see you had this clip on your site. I had the streaming going on in the background enjoying the music waiting to hear from either Bill Johnson or John Arnott and was blown away by this song. I went back to this day's webcast just to relisten to this and enjoyed the power over again. I am glad to have the mp3 to have it with me more often. I listened to a couple of your recording and have thoroughly enjoyed them as well. Thank you very much. God bless you. Kevin
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Thank you for posting this!!

Thank you for posting this!! I honestly thought I was the only one that found this particular moment completely overwhelming since no one I spoke to heard it but to see it in your blog blessed me so much. I was at home watching this and the Lord really encountered me with a unique manifestation of joy and the emotions of the Lord. Praise Jesus! To me this was my favorite time during the John Arnott and Bill Johnson visit... I humbly think the Lord gave Jonathan a little taste of what worship leaders are to experience in the Spirit in greater levels...
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great!!! I tuned in to catch the very end of this celtic sorta fun section, and I was sad I had missed it!! Thanks for recording it!
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THANKS THIS WAS so sweet the day you were streaming it AT IHOP i was amazed to just do a search today and there it is as a download !!!
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If this doesn't make it on

If this doesn't make it on an LE, what will? (;
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Joanna, Thanks so much for

Joanna, Thanks so much for making these available! Any chance you might also have the audio of the testimony and prayer this morning for the "3 Rivers"? The testimony started with Patricia Bootsma. Thanks so much Cheryl
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