Joanna Reyburn - You're Beautiful

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Phil Wickham's song, 'You're Beautiful' from his album Cannons [available on itunes] in a set led by Joanna Reyburn recorded live from the International House of Prayer's Kansas City Prayer Room.

"As I was leading worship for the Awakening Teen Camp, this song was a favorite..." - Joanna


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You're Beautiful

Hi! Thank you so much for posting this song. I first heard it on an IHOP Daily Devotional and I think a young man named John was singing it. What a beautiful expression to Jesus!! This song is so anointed and you sing it beautifully! God bles you abundantly!!
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Oh my soul !!!! I remember

Oh my soul !!!! I remember the day I sat in the prayer room at IHOP-KC and listened to you sing this song. I had never heard it before and I just started to cry. I was moved so deeply.... Then came the dancing....I didn't want to stop twirling \o/ -o- \o/ -o- \o/
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love this

I've been looked for this song every since I heard it at the call dc. Thanks for posting.

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no error while downloading

hai joanna

i do not have an error :)
have great day wished from the netherlands ;)


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I'm getting the chipmunks

I'm getting the chipmunks also. Sounds really cool but I wish I could get the regular version.

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Are you sure that's just not

Are you sure that's just not the way I sing?

Haha, my guess is that the encoding rate of the mp3 differers from the default of your player. I'm using the standard iTunes settings.

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heya. For some reason it

heya. For some reason it is coming out of computer sounding like it is fast fowarding, chip-munk style. Really love you're worship. I''ll try again later. Sweet day to you...

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Hey Mona

I'm sorry you got the chipmunks! That's no fun. I've heard that happen before but when I test it out it sounds "normal" to me. Let's see if anyone else posts any errors. Thanks for the note.

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