Who is This? by Joanna Reyburn

in Live IHOP Set

Spontaneous Prophetic song about the return of the prodigal and the response of the Father.


Kathy @cihop's picture

great stuff :)

i just wanted to say thank you for a really great worship set - i have been listening to this one all weekend and it is really amazing & powerful to me- so thank you for doing it and for putting it on your site - i love the drums and the depth of the words - i like it when you sing "Denied" and just all sorts of things that i like about it - but i just wanted you to know that it is blessing people here in KY - i'm gonna play it for our GBF salvation set we do here - bless you with more of Jesus- and i really appreciate your site - our House of Prayer has been impacted by several things you have on here - the Jennifer Toledo testimony and more... If you all are ever in KY Wilmore area please stop by and have coffee with us :) www.cornerstoneinternational.org
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