Joanna Reyburn - Sound of Rain

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Many people ask about the song "Sound of Rain" that was sung at the TheCall DC (by Fernando Alverez in Spanish and English) and can be heard in TheCall's promo video for both the TheCall DC and California. The song is written and originally recorded by my friend, Autumn Katz: "I Can Hear the Sound of Rain coming to America again." This is a recording of me from a set I let in the prayer room.
In February 2016, Autumn released a recording of the song that is available on iTunes here

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Hey, I was a camper at ATC

I was a camper at ATC this summer, and fell in love with "I Can Hear The Sound Of Rain"! I've been going since 2006, and there's always been one song that caught at my heartstrings, but I don't think any have affected me like when you did that song. Thank you.

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