Joanna Reyburn - I'll Give you my Love Spontaneous Singing

in Matthew 5-6

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Amen!! Thanks for sharing

Amen!! Thanks for sharing this text. It really blessed me & spoke to my heart :) God bless you mightily : )
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loved hearing your song, I like to write so I'll share this

John 7:37-39 Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. 38He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. 39(But this spake he of the Spirit, which they that believe on him should receive: for the Holy Ghost was not yet given; because that Jesus was not yet glorified.)
God has promised that out of the “belly” or in other words from the depths of our innermost being “rivers of living waters” will flow. And it is “THIRST” that moves the heart of God for this to happen. This “THIRST” causes us to push all the nonessentials aside that we can drink. Your true heart attitude becomes,

“It is not enough that others experience revival. I want to have the revival fires to burn within me. I will no longer settle for not drinking in God’s Spirit or not drinking in enough…I will drink and drink and drink until the “rivers of living waters” start flowing out of my innermost being and I will not stop until it happens. There has to be more than a trickle, I will drink until I am full and even then I won’t stop because God has ordained that “rivers” will flow from me to bless the Nations thus I will drink until it happens because God wants His rivers flowing through me and I am thirsty for more and more of God!!!

This is “TRUE THIRST”…Rivers require channels or riverbeds through which to flow. We ourselves must be those riverbeds. If we expect God’s rivers to flow into the desert places we must become the riverbeds through which the Holy Spirit flows. Multitudes await the healing virtues of the River of God. Stop worrying about how dry and parched this old world is and start being the “rivers of living waters”!!!

Just like putting a cup of cool refreshing water to your lips simply get in the presence of God and begin soaking and drinking in His Presence. Let everything go and just relax for a while in God for Psalm 16:11 says that “in His presence is fullness of joy and on His right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Just stay in His presence and be filled with the living waters until you are full to overflowing. Don’t make it complicated. It is as easy as breathing. Just like drinking water it’s automatic, natural, just take the living waters in by resting and soaking and relaxing in the living waters daily and then let them flow out of you to others.

Never stop drinking day after day. When you stop drinking , the river stops flowing. Just like a good minister or gospel singer who at some point stops drinking in the river of God, it becomes noticeable. They no longer stir us and it is apparent that they are no longer in the river. They too must drink daily of the living waters. We are transformed and renewed daily by soaking in the river of God’s Holy Spirit. If we are faithful to drink in the life-giving waters, God will be faithful to put “rivers of living waters” into our innermost being. Jesus said, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” 2 Cor. 3:17 Let the living waters flow into you and out of you. Allow these living waters to flow out of you to bring life to all you are a part of. Whether you are at school, church, at home, at the mall, in the park, the market place or wherever just do as Jesus did….He just let it flow all the time, anywhere, for whoever, whenever and for whatever the need happened to be. Whether it was for healing, deliverance, sharing the good news, listening, being kind, loving, joyful, etc…. He always just carried the river with him and let all who were thirsty come unto him and drink in a natural and simple way. Psalm 109 says “He will drink from the stream as he goes…” He got up well before dawn as was His Habit to pray. You might say he got up well before dawn as was His habit to drink in the living waters so that all who were thirsty for God could come to Him and drink. He simply wants us to do the same thing. If you want to live a Spirit-filled life you must take time daily to drink in the life-giving waters. There are countless ways to drink in the river…be creative, follow the Holy Spirit’s lead and drink daily until you are full to overflowing

Here are a few ways to get started drinking the living waters…Join a Spirit filled Church and prayer group (Drink in the river with other anointed Christians with soaking prayer) , read the written word until you experience the Living Word and read the highest quality anointed books, go online to IHOP (International House of Prayer)…or God TV… Praise and Worship until the Glory comes. Listen to anointed praise and worship. Sing and dance in the Spirit. Pray in tongues a few hours or even all night until you are filled, Fast and Pray. Be still and know that he is God. Love on God. listen to the Bible on CD Watch anointed DVD’s or listen to anointed sermons on CD’s take prayer walks until you are full of God, watch anointed programs on the religious channels, listen to godly radio, never stop making room for God to flow in and to flow out of you. Ezekiel 47:5 for the waters were risen, waters to swim in, A RIVER THAT COULD NOT BE PASSED OVER.)
Develop a TRUE THIRST for God, but always in joy, pleasure and true simplicity, a truly stress-free, joy-filled, Spirit-infilling approach to God at all times. Follow your heart and do what feels right, natural, and best for the way God is leading you to drink from the life-giving waters as you go…

Don’t forget to let the river flow out of you!!! God’s promise:
Ezekiel 47:9 …where the river flows everything will live.
When the river flows out of you it will be Jesus flowing with the Holy Spirit again…
The lame man who was healed at the Beautiful Gate responded by: “Walking, and leaping, and praising God” … “in the Temple” Acts 3:8 Now we will do similar things at the Malls, in the Schools, in homes, at the park, in the streets, in the Office, etc. Joy is spontaneous when the river is truly flowing from someone who is full after being in the life-giving waters and drinking in as much as possible while in the river. This is Spirit-filled living at it’s best and it will flow out to you first, then your family, your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, your church, your city, your region and even to all the Nations. Everyone loves to be around someone who is truly in the flow. If you are full of God everything and everyone around you will live. (“where the river flows everything will live.”) This is the great benefit of being in the flow!!! Now God’s Blessing: Number 6: 24-26 "May the LORD bless you and keep you. May the LORD show you his kindness and have mercy on you. May the LORD watch over you and give you peace."


Just like Moses and the burning bush …Jesus wants us to look upon His holy fire and get it within us for God is a consuming fire. God notices when we turn aside to look upon Him and His purifying fire and He notices when we aren’t interested. When we turn to see and look upon God’s Holy Fire, God calls out of the Holy Fire of His anointing. All we have to say is Here am I and we then need to take off the muddy shoes of this world and stand on the Lord’s Holy Ground. “He will then Baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.” His Holiness makes us Holy thru the washing of His blood and then we can stand in His presence as a Holy People, holy and acceptable unto Him. We must always make the choice of walking in holiness. It is life changing for God to reveal Himself in this way. The Great “I AM that I AM. His living presence, ever present, everywhere, all-knowing and all-mighty is with us right now and always as we turn aside from the things of this world and stand on His Holy Ground. He will do wonderful things to you and for you as you turn to Him. He can call you to bring others to His Kingdom to a land flowing with milk and honey by and thru His Spirit. Here I am send me…we don’t know what God will do or where He will lead, we don’t know all the purpose, plans and provisions of God but He will use those who make themselves available and provide a way for them to fulfill His plans and purposes for their lives. Not everyone will stand with you as you continue in the plans and purpose of God but you will grow stronger through it. He will call and anoint you with the Holy Spirit and with fire and send you back to the place you might have run from before. He will provide the power and the voice and the ability to stand in His presence and by that He will heal and deliver and save those to whom He sends you just like He did with Moses as He sent him to save and deliver His people Israel.

May God give you favor!!! And Blessings!!! And Provision!!! And Healing!!! Amen!!!
May God baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. The fire of His divine love and mercy. For “God is Love” and “

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