Joanna Reyburn - I Still Want You

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Update: August 1, 2012 - Jacob has recorded this song and it's available on iTunes, click on the YouTube Video below for more.

Jacob Hanly has written this incredible song, inspired by the life of the Apostle Peter and written at a really hard time, when like Peter, he felt disqualified. I too feel like that, a lot, and maybe that's why I love this song so much. It's good to tell the Lord you still love Him even when you feel like you've blown it. That you love Him and still want Him.

Click to Play my MP3 Version


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Your post

Joanna, Oh I love you!!! This blessed me!!! Adam mentioned something about your blog, I saw my name, got curious, and looked. You are so kind. I love your music too. So the feeling is mututal!!
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Jacob's Music

How can I get more of Jacob's Music? Is he still at IHOP? His stuff always blesses me so much. Thanks for posting it!!!! I've downloaded a bunch of your music as well and it is really blessing me. I'm an intercessory missionary at OHOP (Orlando). There was a cd of his stuff floating around a while back. I think it was an LE or something. Anyway. Thanks for posting this. [email protected]
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and i just heard your version of the song! LOVE IT! im gonna show jacob this :)
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it was good to see you the other day Joanna! this is one of my favorites of Jacob's stuff. :) we need to find a way to finally get jacob recorded, at least tastefully. love ya J-burn!
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Thank you

I've been listening to this for the past 2 days non stop and had to come back and say thank you. I've put the mp3 on itunes at work and its been keeping me alive. I'm really lifted by this song from a really difficult place.
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I love this song!

I've come and listened to it many times, and just now realized that there's a "download audio file" link!"

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just saying that

i love the look of this website. Good Job Designer. Well done!

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Thank you! I'm working on

Thank you! I'm working on it. Always making little CSS tweaks and such.

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