David Pawson - Divorce and Remarriage

David Pawson spoke at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City in May 2011 and many topics, including divorce and remarriage.


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David Pawson Divorce/remarriage

This is a big problem in today's church. It's a sin that has been accepted and most church goers are assuming the Pharisee position on divorce which Jesus called a hard heart. This 'hardness of the heart' is accepted in most churches and we must return to the teaching of our Lord 'Jesus.' Otherwise, Jesus is not our Lord. Thank you David Pawson for clearly teaching God's word and thank you Joanna for putting it on the web.
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Thank you, Joanna! ...This message was broadcast (probably only in part) on God TV (:/) last evening but unfortunately I missed it --- I was very thankful to stumble across it on your website!

I've never heard anybody preach about divorce like David Pawson does, yet he keeps most faithfully to Christ's own teaching, which (as even the disciples helpfully point out) is a very hard teaching for us sinful humans to accept. May he long continue to do so.

Thanks again & God bless,

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David Pawson's teachings

What a blessing to hear a man of God actually teach God's Word, hard as it is to hear.......and with such humility and compassion. May much fruit come from his faithful presentation of His Word without compromise.
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