Audra Lynn Hartke - Holy Spirit Song

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I flipped on the webstream at IHOP-KC today to catch this awesome prophetic song by Audra Lynn Hartke and got rocked sitting at home with my dog. More Lord! Release those songbirds that sing straight from your heart! I hope you enjoy this, I know I'm putting it on a soaking mix. For Audra Lynn cd's, check out her stuff from Forerunner Music

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Beautiful :D

Beautiful :D
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I just came across this

I just came across this website while surfing the web at work, and when I listened to this song it brought me to tears. The Holy Spirit's presence became so strong over me. Praise God!
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Wow. My friend Sarah posted this link on her Facebook page and I am listening to it, and it's touching my heart! Thanks for sharing the things that God is doing!!!!
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Audra Lynn Hartke - Holy Spirit Song

Just saw that you posted this. Thanks Joanna. Do you mind if I put a link to it on my facebook page? I know a lot of our friends and family that don't live here would enjoy and be ministered to by it.
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Audra's song

yippee!!! yay!! hooray!!!
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Love sharing!!
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Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for posting. I loved the Heidi Baker and Kevin Prosch song you put on twitter also. More please!!!!!!!!!!!
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Audra Lynn Hartke singing in

Audra Lynn Hartke singing in the key of God's heart... heart key... this is intense and wonderful thanks for sharing
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Awesome! Thanks for posting

Awesome! Thanks for posting -- my wife sent me a text about this song while I was working today. You don't have a longer version you could e-mail me do you? If not no problem I'm just glad I got to experience this with her tonight! And Drink of the Marriage Wine -- WOW!! We were tuned in last night -- wow, wow, wow... Peace and Blessings!! Matt
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This is it

This is all that I recorded from this song in the prayer room.
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